New Zealand: Accessible wilderness for solo women travellers

September 29, 2017
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IN NEW ZEALAND, it is easy for solo women travellers to get into the wilderness, whether you are an adventurer, hiker, mountaineer or photographer, or just an ordinary person.

You can find cheap places to stay everywhere, using campsite phone apps.

Whether you choose to buy a car or rent a car there are so many ways of travelling New Zealand, on good roads.

Here is my latest story.

I parked my car at Christchurch airport, where they charged $7 a day, while I was in Auckland on business.

When I arrived back at Christchurch I got picked up from the plane by the carpark operators and taken to the carpark, all part of the service.

I drove south to Queenstown with a friend named Diana, through the picturesque towns of Fairlie and Tekapo.

Journey from Christchurch to Queenstown, with places mentioned in the text. Background map data ©2017 Google. The route taken was added in red for this post. Five places visited were added similarly as black dots, and six place names were added for this post in the Noteworthy font.

Here’s a link to a really excellent Youtube video of Tekapo, showing the picturesque Church of the Good Shepherd, which looks very old but was actually built in the 1930s.


‘Lake Tekapo — New Zealand’ by Mark Gee, ‘The Art of Night’ (2016)

We detoured west along the shore of Lake Pukaki and stayed at backpackers at Mt Cook, which is 3,800 metres high and the highest mountain in New Zealand.

There are lots of spectacular walks you can do in the Mount Cook area, such as the Hooker Glacier Walk and walks along the Tasman Valley. Here’s a Youtube video that Diana and I made at Mount Cook; Diana lives in the North Island, where it’s a bit warmer . . .


Me and my old school friend Diana enjoying the snow at Mount Cook

Variable weather made for a more interesting holiday, and more interesting photos, than if the weather had been totally fine!

You can read about more walks in my book A Maverick New Zealand Way, part of a series of illustrated travel books from the point of view of a woman and a solo traveller.

Here are some of the photos:

Dramatic flaring skies

Myself at the Hooker Glacier, Mount Cook

Dramatic skies on the road

At Mount Cook

A view of Lake Tekapo from a spot beside the Church of the Good Shepherd

Yet more dramatic skies from the road

Lake Tekapo with my friend Diana, the Church of the Good Shepherd visible at the extreme right

An old 1930s-type poster at Mount Cook

Here is my Amazon author page. I’m also publishing my books, progressively, on other platforms.


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