Doubtful Sound Revisited: Part 2

December 29, 2019
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(This is the fifth in a series of blog posts about travelling around New Zealand in spring. It follows last week’s post, Doubtful Sound Revisited.)

THE next day we departed from our quiet anchorage at the mouth of Doubtful Sound / Pātea. It was a beautiful sunny day, not like the day before.

NZ Department of Conservation map of Doubtful Sound and Lake Manapōuri with cruise route overlaid. Full credits are in Doubtful Sound Revisited.

Wow, I said, just wow.

Here’s a sort of river of cloud that I saw near the entrance to the Sound. Very strange!

We sailed back up the Sound.

And into the Crooked Arm again, to get some more images of still water.

Here’s a video of Crooked Arm on day two.

And then on the way back over to Lake Manapōuri I got a clear view of the Wilmot Pass. Wow again!

And so, back to Manapōuri via the power station, where there is an information display.

Another historic name for Lake Manapōuri, apparently an older name than Motu-rau

Cruising across the lake

Back in Manapōuri township

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