From Country Music to Energy from Space: A Maverick USA Way

December 1, 2017
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From Country Music to Energy from Space: A Maverick USA Way, Mary Jane Walker’s fifth book of world travels

Mary Jane Walker is pleased to announce the launch of the fifth in her series of unconventional accounts of world travel, A Maverick USA Way.

A Maverick USA Way is the United States as seen and experienced from the Antipodean point of view by Mary Jane, a regular visitor to the USA since 1996.

On her latest trip, Mary Jane took advantage of direct flights between Auckland and Houston to arrive in the American heartland, a change from Los Angeles.

She visited the Space Museum and learned how the Apollo program might have led to solar power from space, but didn’t.

Mary Jane rode the Amtrak tracks around the lower 48 states and passed through the Dakotas twice, the second time to catch up with the anti-Keystone pipeline protests at Standing Rock.

A protestor asked to use her phone at the Bismarck public library and she gave him a lift, so she got straight into the heart of the camp.

She hired 14 cars and listened to a musician on the train, who said that Johnny Cash was more authentic than Elvis because he wrote all his owns stuff.

Hiking in Glacier, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Parks proved quite different to New Zealand. People needed bear-proof containers, electric fences and bear spray. Another hiker told her how his father had hoisted him onto his shoulders to keep from being eaten by a hungry mountain lion.

Detroit was a stately Art Deco city reverting to parkland, like ancient Rome after its fall.

Mary Jane was in the USA for the elections and saw a lot of discontent; she was not surprised Trump won.

On the way home she stopped off in Hawaiʻi and took in the view of the volcanoes, while noticing how many homeless people seemed to gravitate to the islands.

All of Mary Jane’s books are lavishly illustrated. The following Book2Look widget links provide previews of the printed monochrome text, and of the books’ photography in its original colour form:

A Maverick Traveller (preview) Extract with colour images

A Maverick New Zealand Way (preview) Extract with colour images

A Maverick Cuban Way (preview) Extract with colour images

A Maverick Pilgrim Way (preview) Extract with colour images

A Maverick USA Way (preview) Extract with colour images

For any further information, please contact Mary Jane or her editor Chris Harris by email to admin [at]

Facebook: amavericktraveller

Instagram: @a_maverick_traveller

Twitter: @Mavericktravel0


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